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Vivid Nail Candy

Independent Color Street Stylist

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Vivid Nail Candy

I recently joined the Color Street team as an Independent Stylist.  I am over the moon about this company, or should I say community.  I am so honored to be a part of such an Amazing, Extremely Positive Community of People.  This product speaks for itself!  All it takes is one try and you find yourself immersed in the beauty, glitz, ease, and affordability of Color Street!  That's how it happened for me!

Whether you're looking to Shop your style today, Host your own Nail Bar for a chance at Amazing Host Rewards and sharing this Wonderful Product with your friends and family, Join Me in becoming a part of this Amazing Community full of Support and Kindness circling around ALL THINGS Color Street, or you want to find out more information today by Contacting Me or Requesting your own sample to be mailed to you today...there's options for everyone!


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